Active Graph and Chart Software - a Javascript Graphing Library

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    Active Graphs and Charts

    Javascript Graphing Library

    Add Powerful reporting features to your Web / Intranet pages and applications.
    With the advanced graphing functionality you will be quickly adding impressive
    and dynamic charting capabilities bringing your data alive !


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    The graphing software is completely self contained within a single file making this an ideal solution for the incorporation of graphs and charts into web / intranet pages and applications. Versatile components provide the ability for web authors and developers to easily build and publish dynamic and interactive graphs and charts.

    This javascript graphing library is very easy to use and comes with many examples and practical documentation.

    There is no complicated server side set up or install, simply upload the single JavaScript file to the web server and begin adding dynamic graphing functionality to web pages.

    There are many configurable graph features and functions and as such, the documentation and examples are designed to give both a full understanding of every feature and enable you to implement both the applet and servlet quickly and easily. The series of examples give an overview of the variety of implementations possible
    (Graph and Chart demos click here

    The software can acquire data from a variety of sources including,

    • Files
    • Databases
    • Scripts and server Side processes (eg. Servlets, JSP, ASP, PHP, PERL)
    • Embedded HTML parameters

    Full Documentation

    The graphing library has been designed to make it as easy as possible to add high quality graphs to a web pages and the documention will quickly guide you through the process of creating your first interactive graph.

    Web Page Graphing Documentation


    Help and Support

    We hope the documentation and tutorials enable you to quickly add dynamic graphs to your pages, however if at any stage you require assistance, help or advice then please feel free contact us via our support pages at:-

    JPowered Support »


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