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Purchasing Options

Placing a Purchase Order with JPowered

If the value of the item you wish to purchase is over $100 (USD) then we are quite happy to release the licensed software upon the receipt of a valid Company Purchase Order.
(Please Note: due to the process costs involved we are not able to accept orders via this method for orders less than $100 USD).

In addition to your company details the 'item description' entry on the purchase order should contain the following pieces of information:-
  • Product Description (e.g. 'Advanced Graph and Chart Collection')
  • License Type (e.g. 'Standard License')
  • Contact Name of the person who should receive the licensed software
  • Contact e-mail address of the person who should receive the licensed software
Purchase Orders should be made out to:-

Neutron Solutions Limited

and sent to:-

Neutron Solutions Limited
Order Processing
Longmead, Mill Lane, Littleworth, West Sussex. RH13 8JU
United Kingdom

Sending a Purchase Order by Fax

If you wish to speed up the process a little then valid Purchase Orders may be faxed direct to our sales team at:-

Fax Orders To: +44 1403 713268

If you require any further information or help with completing a purchase order then please feel free to contact our sales consultants via the
Support Form here

Software Delivery

Software will be delivered electronically to the e-mail address provided upon receipt of a purchase order