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Sample Image Tags for Different Graph Styles

Dynamic Graphs are added to a page with the standard HTML IMG tag. The 'src' element is set to reference the graphing software. The following show the format of the IMG tag for each chart style.

  • [URLtoDATASOURCE] - should be the URL link to the data source. The datasource can a file, a script or a database.
  • [URLtoCONFIG] - this is the URL link to the configuration settings file.

The width and height settings operate as normal and tell the browser what size the graph will be.

The table below show the format of the IMG tag for each chart style.

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Chart Style Script Sample IMG Tag
Area Graph area-graph.php
Bubble Chart bubble-chart.php
Combination Area and Stacked Vertical Bar Graph area-stacked-vertical-bar-graph.php
Combination Area and Vertical Bar Graph area-vertical-bar-graph.php
Horizontal Bar Graph horizontal-bar-graph.php
Horizontal Cylinder Graph horizontal-cylinder-graph.php
Line Graph line-graph.php
Line and Stacked Vertical Bar Graph line-stacked-vertical-bar-graph.php
Line and Vertical Bar Graph line-vertical-bar-graph.php
Pie Chart pie-chart.php
Stacked Horizontal Bar Graph stacked-horizontal-bar-graph.php
Stacked Horizontal Cylinder Graph stacked-horizontal-cylinder-graph.php
Stacked Vertical Bar Graph stacked-vertical-bar-graph.php
Stacked Vertical Cylinder Graph stacked-vertical-cylinder-graph.php
Vertical Bar Graph vertical-bar-graph.php
Vertical Cylinder Graph vertical-cylinder-graph.php
X-Y Scatter Graph xy-scatter-graph.php


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