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Example 1 - A Simple HTML Implementation

This first example gives a demonstration of a simple implementation by providing both the Data and Configuration Properties via HTML Applet Param tags.


( if you do not see the data grid above then click here )

and here is the HTML Code,

<applet code="AdvDataGridApplet" archive="AdvDataGrid.jar" width="430" height="333" mayscript>

<!-- Start up parameters -->
<param name="STARTUPCOLOR" value="255,255,255">
<param name="LOADINGMESSAGE" value="Loading data, please wait......">
<param name="STEXTCOLOR" value="100,80,0">

<!-- Character Set -->
<param name="charset" value="8859_1">

<!-- General parameters -->
<param name="bgcolor" value="214,214,236">
<param name="bgimage" value=" ">
<param name="dateformat" value="dd MMMM yyyy">
<param name="scrollbarbgcolor" value="214,214,236">

<!-- Data File Fixed Width Format -->
<param name="fixedwidths" value="20|10|20|10">
<param name="dataseperator" value=",">
<param name="datafiletype" value="0">

<!-- Row Properties -->
<param name="rownumbgcolor" value="164,164,186">
<param name="rownumtxtcolor" value="40,40,70">

<!-- Boolean Switches -->
<param name="titlearea" value="false">
<param name="rownumbers" value="true">
<param name="cellgrid" value="true">
<param name="transcells" value="false">
<param name="displaytotals" value="true">
<param name="columnheadings" value="true">

<!-- Border Properties -->
<param name="borderwidth" value="1">
<param name="bordercolor" value="150,150,150">
<param name="borderstyle" value="1">

<!-- Title Properties -->
<!-- Although title properties are defined here, in this example -->
<!-- we have set the "titlearea" display flag to false (see above) -->
<!-- hence in this example the title are will not be displayed. -->
<param name="titletext" value="Products by Jpowered">
<param name="titlefont" value="Arial,B,14">
<param name="titlecolor" value="114,114,186">
<param name="titlealign" value="right">
<param name="titlebgcolor" value="214,214,236">
<param name="titleimage" value="jpowered2.gif">

<!-- Cell Properties -->
<param name="cellgridline" value="2">
<param name="cellgridcolor" value="125,175,175">
<param name="cellfont" value="Arial,N,12">
<param name="celltextcolor" value="black">
<param name="cellbgcolor" value="white">
<param name="cell_mo_textcolor" value="blue">
<param name="cell_mo_bgcolor" value="214,214,236">

<!-- Define the Columns -->
<!-- text,data type,bg color,text color,width,alignment,URL,Target,currency symbol,decimal places,image,tool tip -->
<param name="column1" value="Product|0|164,164,186|40,40,70|150|left| | | |0| |Product Titles">
<param name="column2" value="Standard|3|164,164,186|40,40,70|75|right| | |$ |2| |Standard License Price">
<param name="column3" value="Professional|3|164,164,186|40,40,70|100|right| | |$ |2| |Professional License Price">
<param name="column4" value="Launch Date|2|164,164,186|40,40,70|125|center| | | |0| |Latest Release Launch Date">
<param name="column5" value="Category|0|164,164,186|40,40,70|150|left| | | |0| | ">

<!-- Grid Data -->
<param name="data1" value="Pie Chart<URL=><TARGET=_self>,49.95,199.95,10 July 2002,Graphs & Charts">
<param name="data2" value="Line Graph<URL=><TARGET=_self>,49.95,199.95,15 July 2002,Graphs & Charts">
<param name="data3" value="Vertical Bar Graph<URL=><TARGET=_self>,49.95,199.95,21 June 2002,Graphs & Charts">
<param name="data4" value="Stacked Bar Graph<URL=><TARGET=_self>,49.95,199.95,26 June 2002,Graphs & Charts">
<param name="data5" value="Horizontal Bar Graph<URL=><TARGET=_self>,49.95,199.95,3 July 2002,Graphs & Charts">
<param name="data6" value="Area Graph<URL=><TARGET=_self>,49.95,199.95,25 March 2003,Graphs & Charts">
<param name="data7" value="Data Grid Control<URL=><TARGET=_self>,149.00,599.00,14 April 2003,Data Display">
<param name="data8" value="Tree Explorer<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,13 September 2002,Menu & Navigation">
<param name="data9" value="AWT Menu Bar<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,2 April 2002,Menu & Navigation">
<param name="data10" value="AWT Side Menu<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,10 May 2002,Menu & Navigation">
<param name="data11" value="AWT Floating Menu<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,11 April 2002,Menu & Navigation">
<param name="data12" value="DHTML Menu<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,24 February 2002,Menu & Navigation">
<param name="data13" value="Adv Menu Bar<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,22 March 2002,Menu & Navigation">
<param name="data14" value="Adv Side Menu<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,5 February 2002,Menu & Navigation">
<param name="data15" value="Adv Floating Menu<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,12 March 2002,Menu & Navigation">
<param name="data16" value="Scrolling Text<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,24 January 2003,Presentation Software">
<param name="data17" value="Slide Show<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,30 January 2003,Presentation Software">
<param name="data18" value="Banner Rotation<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,11 February 2003,Presentation Software">
<param name="data19" value="Fading Text Banner<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,20 February 2003,Presentation Software">
<param name="data20" value="Fading Images<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,6 October 2001,Presentation Software">
<param name="data21" value="Typewriter Effects<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,27 February 2003,Presentation Software">
<param name="data22" value="Abacus Geom Draw<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,20 February 2003,Scientific">
<param name="data23" value="Abacus Mathwriter<URL=><TARGET=_self>,24.95,99.95,13 November 2002,Scientific">
<param name="data24" value="TrafficFile<URL=><TARGET=_trafficfile>,4.95,9.95,10 August 2002,Web Services">
<param name="data25" value="Graphing Services<URL=><TARGET=graph>,49.95,0,20 January 2003,Web Services">
<param name="data26" value="Internet Marketing<URL=><TARGET=trafficfile>,0,0,19 November 2002,Web Services">



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