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Example 6 - A Range of Possibilities

This example is designed to demonstrate a wider range of configurable properties e.g. Colors, Fonts etc. Notice here we have made the cells transparent and applied a background image to the cell area.

( if you do not see the data grid above then click here )

and here is the HTML code,

<applet code="AdvDataGridApplet" archive="AdvDataGrid.jar" width="430" height="333" mayscript>

<!-- Start up parameters -->
<param name="STARTUPCOLOR" value="255,255,255">
<param name="LOADINGMESSAGE" value="Loading data, please wait......">
<param name="STEXTCOLOR" value="100,80,0">

<!-- Property & Data Files -->
<param name="charset" value="8859_1">
<param name="gridproperties" value="gridprops2.txt">
<param name="griddata" value="griddata.txt">


The Grid Properties are defined in the file gridprops2.txt - click here

The Data is defined in the file griddata.txt - click here

For the full range of configurable parameters and options please see the section in the documentation - Parameters - click here

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