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Retrieving Configuration Data from Files

Both the applet and servlet can be set to retrieve the configuration properties from a data file. The configuration file is simply a list of the property names with the value for each property.

The first element of a line specifies the property name whilst the second represents the value for that property.

Any line in the file which is either blank or begins with <!-- will be ignored. Therefore comment lines may be added to file by beginning the line with <!--.

We recommend that, rather than building a configuration from scratch, that you take a copy of the example file ../../line_graph/Documentation/lineprops.txt file and modify the values to suite your implementation.

With both the applet and servlet the configuration file is specified via a URL parameter and therefore the file can be placed in any directory accessible via a URL.

For a full explanation of each property and range of valid values please see the
Parameters & Option section.


Also see Multi Language Support

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