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About Us

Our Guiding Principles

Customer Service
We know that you the customer are more important than anything else, without you we could not exist. We keep this in mind in everything we do and are always looking for ways to improve our products and service to you.

Produce High Quality Software
The first step in pleasing you the customer, is to ensure that our software and services are of the highest standard. They must do exactly what we say they do and provide the functionality that you need, desire and require. In addition we aim to make our software as easy and quick to install as possible.

High Quality No Nonsense Documentation and Help
Too much software these days is accompanied by poor documentation, it either reads like a novel (and comes in volumes) or barely covers the basics leaving you guessing.
Our focus here is produce good documentation which will guide you through getting the software up and running as quickly as possible and teach you all the finer points. In addition our documentation provides a no nonsense reference on every aspect and feature of the software (no one really wants to read a 40 page manual just to find out how to change a color parameter).

Lead by Example
I guess the reasons some software comes with 500+ pages of manual is because the author forgot that 'a picture paints a thousand words'. Our products come packed with examples which both show you the capabilities and get you involved right from the off. We want you to get the most from our software and the best way by far is by example.

Company History

Neutron Solutions Limited was created in 1996 to provide High Quality Web Software, Services and Components worldwide at a reasonable cost.

First we created which is dedicated to providing high quality low cost web page components (e.g. Java applets). This site was an instant success and immediately put the company into profit. We continue to develop this site and all the products and as such it continues to grow. Customers just don't seem to be able to get enough of this.

Next we created our first online service Again an instant success jumping straight into profitability. This service provides Web Counter and Visitors Statistics - Essential for any serious online marketing.

With all of our ventures in profit (and growing) the company is on the soundest possible financial footing. With no debts and minimal overheads we can confidently give you a cast iron guarantee that Neutron Solutions Limited will continue to serve you long into the future.

The Future

Having discovered the secret to success (Customer Satisfaction) we intend not only to develop the above but also to bring you more highly valuable products and services.


Our head office is located just south of London in the United Kingdom. However being a truly Global business our hardware is located both in the United States and Europe on the major backbones of the Internet (we pay a premium for this to ensure you receive the fastest possible response).

Neutron Solutions Limited
Longmead, Mill Lane, Littleworth,
West Sussex. RH13 8JU
United Kingdom

Further Information

If you would like any further information then please feel free to ask, simply write to us - click here


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Graphing and Charting
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