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Printing Line Graphs

One of the factors to consider when deciding between implementing the applet or servlet form of the graph is that, browsers in general do not print applets very well. In addition the results can vary between browser makes and versions.

The servlet however returns the graph image to the browser in PNG Image format and as such will print consistently without any problems across all browser makes and versions.

Another factor to consider when deciding whether to implement the applet or servlet is whether the interactive features of the applet are required (mouseover pop-ups and mouseclick URL functionality). In the servlet form, the graph is returned to the browser as an image and as such the interactive features of the applet are not available.

If both the ability to print and the interactive features are required then it is possible to implement both the applet and servlet in such a way that they operate from the same data sources. In this case the following solution is recommended,

Step 1 - Create your html page which contains the applet version of the graph, with all the interactive features, configuring the applet to receive the data from either files, server side scripts or databases.

Step 2 - Create a copy of this page, replacing the applet implementation with the servlet ( <IMG> tag ), using exactly the same data sources as with the applet.

Step 3 - On the applet page, place a little text footnote at the bottom of the applet which says something like,

"For a printable version of this page please click here".

Then hyperlink, this text, to the page created in Step 2.

In this manor the page created in Step 1 will be your main page with which your visitors will enjoy all the interactive features of the applet. If a visitor does wish to print the graph, then by clicking on the text, the almost identical page created in Step 2 will be displayed. This will contain the graph in PNG Image format and hence be universally printable.

For an example of this please click here.

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