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Line Data

Whichever method ( file, html code, server process Esc) you choose to supply the graph with the data, the format is the same in that of [Data Name] , [Data Value].

Please Note : Data Names are case sensitive.
( i.e. data1series1 is not the same as Data1Series1 ).

Data Naming Convention
The data name is used to specify the series which that piece of data belongs and the order in which it should be placed within that series. The format of the name is,


where N is an integer number representing the order of the data within the series and M is an integer which specifies the series.

For example if we have 2 series of data each with 4 pieces of data then the data names would be,



Please Note: Both the data and series numbering must begin with 1.

Data Value
If the data is being supplied to the applet, then the value can contain up to three elements, separated by a comma , character, which represent,

Numeric Value
Target Frame

In the following examples we have 2 series of data each with 4 pieces of data.

Data Supplied by file (or server process) to either Applet or Servlet

data1series1: 7.2
data2series1: 7.9
data3series1: 10.35
data4series1: 13.6

data1series2: 2.63
data2series2: 0.64
data3series2: 8.7
data4series2: 0.92

Data Supplied by file to Applet ( incorporates URL functionality )

data1series1: 7000,,newwindow
data2series1: 7900
data3series1: 10350,,_self
data4series1: 13600,,_self

data1series2: 6300,,newwindow
data2series2: 6400
data3series2: 8700
data4series2: 9200

Data Supplied by html parameters to Applet ( incorporates URL functionality )

<PARAM name="data1series1" value="70">
<PARAM name="data2series1" value="79,,nw">
<PARAM name="data3series1" value="10">
<PARAM name="data4series1" value="13,,nw">

<PARAM name="data1series2" value="63">
<PARAM name="data2series2" value="64">
<PARAM name="data3series2" value="87">
<PARAM name="data4series2" value="92

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