Advanced Treeview and Tree Menu Explorer

Advanced Treeview and Tree Menu Explorer

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    Advanced Treeview Explorer

    Make a professional navigation tool for your site with the Advanced Treeview Java Tree Menu! . The Advanced Tree Menu can even execute JavaScript functions.

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    With this feature packed and highly customizable Treeview Java Tree Menu you will be quickly adding a great menu navigation aid to web sites, help systems, documentation, intranets and much more.

    Tutorial style examples giving both a great understanding of the capabilities and a good base from which to quickly build your own Treeview menu.

    Both a Quick Start section and an in depth explanation of every aspect of the Treeview Explorer.

    Why use a Tree Menu ?

    Adding a tree menu to a site is great way to provide a clear and easy to use navigation tool for your visitors. Not only does it allow you to provide links to a large number of pages in a small area of the page, it also allows those links to be arranged in a logical directory type structure. This makes it easy for visitors to quickly navigate to the areas of a site they are interested in. In addition they may also be quickly attracted to other areas which they didn't know about.

    Help and Support
    Our staff are always happy to help. If at any stage you experience difficulties or simply require advise then please feel free to ask. We will be happy to help.

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    click here to Download  the Advanced Treeview and Tree Menu Explorer Software

    New in this Release

    • Multi-Line support for node text.
    • Highlight Node Last Clicked.
    • Nodes can execute Javascript.
    • Dynamic update methods
    • Triple State Node Icons
    • Default Node Settings
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Unlimited Icon images
    • Unlimited Nodes and Sub Levels
    • Even more efficient and the footprint is now only 15kb!
    • Full Specification

    Main Features Summary

    • Unlimited Nodes and Sub Levels
    • Node data can be supplied from either html or file.
    • Triple State Node Icons
    • Define tree branches to be opened upon start-up.
    • Full url support including window naming and frame targets.
    • Unlimited Icon images.
    • Highlight Nodes, selectable colors.
    • Operates in either normal expansion or Single Node expansion mode.
    • Adjustable Background Colors and Images
    • Configurable Border
    • Main Title (Text, Font and Color)
    • Optional Status Bar display giving additional node information on mouse over.
    • Select from four different connecting line styles and choose the color.
    • Select Underline Expanded Items
    • Select Underline items with hyperlinks
    • Horizontal and Vertical Scrollbars, Color selectable.
    Advanced Tree Menu Explorer