Dynamic Web Page Effects

Dynamic Web Page Effects

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Dynamic Web Page Effects

This package contains several products which allow a variety of effects and controls to be added to web pages. The effects and controls allow more information to be placed within an area of a web and at the same time provide visitors with a dynamic and interactive experience.

Effects within this package:-

Active Scrolling Text

Virtually any content can be added to the scroller including images, links, tables and of course text.

Active Image Viewer

Image Viewer provides a very efficient way to display multiple images within a small area. Thumbnails are automatically generated and displayed to your visitors (removing the need for you to create smaller versions of your images / pictures). When a visitor clicks a thumbnail the full size image is displayed within the current page. Each full size image may have link attached to it which can be set to either open in the current browser window or a new window.

Advanced Scrolling Text

Adding a Scrolling Text feature to a web page is great way to pack a great deal of information into one small area. In addition the animation introduced by the scrolling / moving text will attract the visitors eye to your most important messages.

Banner Rotation

The Advanced Banner Rotation software enables you to display all your adverts in just one area of your page. No longer will those adverts swamp your real content.

Fading Images

Fading Images 2 enables multiple images to be displayed within a single area. The transition between images is a very smooth fading effect, the speed of which can be varied by changing the parameter values.

Fading Text

Advanced Fading Text allows you to display multiple messages within a single screen area. With an animated fading text effect this is an excellent way to display multiple messages whilst leaving the majority of your page free for the real content.

Slide Show

The Advanced Slide Show is designed to display your slides in sequence with a range of changeover effects. In addition you can specify multiple link area's within any slide.

Sliding Text

A visitors eye is automatically drawn to any animated area within a web page. Display your most important messages and links within the Advanced Sliding Text to grab your visitors attention.


A Typewriter text effect is an excellent way to display multiple messages whilst leaving the majority of your page free for the real content.

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Package Contents

  • Active Scrolling Text
  • Active Image Viewer
  • Advanced Scrolling Text
  • Banner Rotation
  • Fading Images
  • Fading Text
  • Slide Show
  • Sliding Text
  • Typewriter

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The code for each effect is contained in very small files (typically less than 9kb !). This makes the functions very fast to load and execute.

Simple to Use

Easy to follow tutorials ensure that the controls may be added to a web page within minutes. No Coding Knowledge Required ! Simply 'Copy and Paste' some HTML and set a few parameters and you are up and running.

Fully 100% Cross Browser and OS Compatible

These controls are based on standard browser technology and therefore will operate on all browsers and all operating systems.

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