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Advanced Scrolling Text

Probably the most Advanced and Efficient News / Text Scroller around. How can all this be wrapped up in a single file smaller than most images! (less than 8kb) ?

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Adding a Scrolling Text feature to a web page is great way to pack a great deal of information into one small area. In addition the animation introduced by the scrolling / moving text will attract the visitors eye to your most important messages.

Although we have named this product Scrolling Text it also allows you to embed images within the text. This feature makes this product far more versatile than just a plain text scroller.

Moving visitors on from your home page to the important areas of your site ( articles, product sales pages etc) is probably the single most important function of a home page. The Advanced Scrolling Text allows you hyper link any portion of text or image hence directing visitors to those important pages.

Every aspect of the scrolling text area can be configured. This means colors and fonts can be set to fit in with the style and look of your own pages.

Install and Set Up is achieved by simple 3 step process which involves adding a small piece of html to your web page, setting the colors and fonts, adding the text (and/or images) to be scrolled and finally uploading a couple of files to the web server.

Help is at hand - if at any stage you require help or advice with setting up the scrolling text on your site then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to oblige.

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click here to Download  the Advanced Scrolling Text / News Scroller Software

Main Features Summary

  • Multi-Language Support
  • Adjustable Scroll Speed
  • Images can be inserted
  • Hyperlink any portion of text/ Image
  • New -Scroll Pause upon mouseover
  • New -Word Wrap
  • New -Center Alignment for text
  • Pause between pages, different pages can even have different pause times.
  • Change Colors and Fonts throughout.
  • Variable Indent

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