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Welcome to the CSS / JavaScript Scrolling Text Function

Documentation and Full Parameter Reference

This document is intended for Advanced Users who have a good grasp of HTML. The Scrolling Text can be fully configured and added to a page by using the Configurator Tool without any understanding of the following information. We recommend that the vast majority of users use this tool to add Scrolling Text to their pages.

Use the Online Configurator here »

Adding the Scrolling Text to a Web Page by hand
There are two blocks of HTML which need to be added to a page. The first is just a script tag which should be placed where you wish the scrolling text to appear. The second block of code should be placed at the very end of a page, ideally just before the </body> tag. This second block of code contains the main script tag and , the configuration parameters and the content to be scrolled. Below are the two blocks of code. Add these to a page and adjust the parameter values to meet your requirements. (see table below for the function of each parameter).

Add the following code where you would like the Scrolling Content to appear in your page

Add all of the following HTML towards the end of your page, ideally just before the </body> tag

Finally place the two files '../../javascript/scrolling-text/jpscroll.js' and '../../javascript/scrolling-text/jpscrollhere.js' in the same directory as the web page

These two files are contained in the download package here »

Alternatively right click on the following links and select "Save Target As..." to download these files independently:-



Free Use or Licensed

The Scrolling Text function can be used for Free providing a link to the JPowered web site exists within the page. There are no restrictions on the link and it can be placed anywhere within the page. e.g. at the very end of your page.

If you would rather not have a link to the JPowered site within your page then a license key may be purchased. With a license key the scrolling text function may be use within a page without any link or reference to JPowered.

Purchase a License Key here »


If at any stage you require assistance, help or advice then please feel free contact us via our support pages at:-

JPowered Support »

Full Parameter Reference
Parameter Name Description Range of Values
JPSCROLL_width The width in pixels of the scrolling area Any positive valid integer value eg. 200
JPSCROLL_height The height in pixels of the scrolling area Any positive valid integer value eg. 200
JPSCROLL_bgcolor The background color Any valid HTML color specification eg. #FFFFFF
JPSCROLL_bordercolor The border color Any valid HTML color specification eg. #8C8C8C
JPSCROLL_speed Scrolling Speed. The figure here represents the number of milliseconds between each pixel movement of the scroll. The lower the value the faster the scroll. Min Value: 10
Max Value: No maximum but anything above 100 will make the scroll extremely slow
JPSCROLL_borderwidth The width of the border in pixels Any positive valid integer value eg. 1
JPSCROLL_borderstyle Sets the line style of the border Values can be any valid CSS line style, eg. solid, dotted, dashed, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset
JPSCROLL_bordergap Gap between the border and the scrolling content in pixels Any positive valid integer value eg. 5
JPSCROLL_alignment The default alignment of the scrolling content Value can be one of left, center or right
JPSCROLL_pagepause The number of seconds the scrolling should pause for between pages Any positive value including zero. eg. 5
JPSCROLL_textcolor Default text color of the scrolling content Any valid HTML color specification eg. #000000
JPSCROLL_fontsize Default Font Size in pixels Any integer value 6 or greater
JPSCROLL_fontfamily Default Font Face Any valid HTML font face specification eg. arial, sans-serif
JPSCROLL_fontstyle Default Font Style Valid values are normal or italic
JPSCROLL_fontweight Default Font Weight Valid values are normal or bold
JPSCROLL_lkey If the licensed version is being used then the license key should be supplied with this parameter A valid license key