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Active Scrolling Text & News Scroller

CSS / JavaScript Scrolling Text , v4.7

Much more than just Text
Although we call this product Scrolling Text it's actually Scrolling Content ! Virtually any content can be added to the scroller including images, links, tables and of course text.

The scrolling text code is contained in two very small files (less than 9kb in total!). This makes the function very fast to load and execute.

Simple to Use
With the Configurator Tool, adding the scrolling function to a page becomes very very easy for anyone. It is entirely possible to add a scrolling box to a page within just a few minutes.

Fully 100% Cross Browser and OS Compatible
This scrolling function is based on standard browser technology (CSS and JavaScript) and therefore will operate on all browsers and all operating systems.

Scroll Content is Visible to Search Engines
Unlike many scrollers, the content is supplied via standard HTML which resides within the page. This means that when a search engine visits the page, the scrolling content will be read just like the rest of your page content.

Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance
Again because the scrolling content resides as standard HTML within the page, this function is fully compliant with section 508.

Get Started Now !
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Usage and Licensing

You may use the Scrolling Text in either Free or Licensed mode.

In Free Mode a small link to the JPowered site will appear at the bottom of the page.

Licensed Mode - Upon purchasing a license you will be provided with a license key. This will set the scrolling text to operate in licensed mode and there will be no requirement to link or place any reference to the JPowered site on your page.

Purchase a License Key here »


If at any stage you require assistance, help or advice then please feel free contact us via our support pages at:-

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