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Using a Flexible HTML Report

Author: Adam Smith

A central part of taking advantage of information revolves around online business intelligence. The web introduces a whole new platform for sharing information. Via the web businesses can share information found on charts, graphs, maps, and even spreadsheets. Making use of such online business intelligence can help your business continue to be successful.

Because the idea of online business intelligence is relatively new there are many questions regarding how to truly harness its potential. Many companies share information through HTML reports and online graphs. This open dissemination of information really spurs the advancement of knowledge and development. The following are questions and answers to assist you in making the most of the online business intelligence that is at your fingertips today.

What are the advantages of an HTML Report ?

Publishing an HTML report allows you the ability to dynamically update the report in an automated manner. This way the HTML report is always up to date, making the contents of the report inherently more valuable. Creating and updating an HTML doc is a routine process for experienced webmasters. Of course, the most experienced webmasters will be able to rely on automated ways to update HTML docs so that your HTML report always stays up to date.

How can I print my HTML Doc ?

Using an HTML report can be troublesome when users of the HTML report need to print a hard copy of the HTML report. Obviously the HTML doc has been optimized for viewing on screen but sometimes the HTML report is not setup for printing. When the user tries to print the HTML doc a portion of the report is cut off resulting in a printed document that only contains part of the report. Employing a solution such as Highwire for your employees or web users will allow the HTML report to easily be converted from HTML to PDF with the click of a button. Once the HTML to PDF conversion has completed, printing a readable copy of the converted HTML report is a breeze.

Can I print online graphs too?

Online graphs are a great way to share information with the world as well. But as you well know, sometimes these online graphs don't scale properly and portions are cut off in the printing process. Online graphs can easily be converted to PDF format which allows for simple printing. This conversion process occurs in much the same way a typical HTML doc is converted to PDF format relying on Highwire software.
Now that you are a little more familiar with the differing forms of online business intelligence you can make the most of the information that is available to you. Sharing an HTML report or online graph in hard copy form is now just as easy as it is sharing it across the web.

Adam Smith is an information author for 10X Marketing, which specializes in Link Recruitment services. To learn more about HTML report flexibility visit .


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